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Finally!  Brain Science for Kids!

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ZainyTime, a fully equipped Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program designed to teach children from PreK to 2nd Grade about the brain, has launched! ZainyTime is available for parents, educators, counselors, and anyone else with the desire to help our youngest students learn about the most important organ in their bodies:  the brain!

No prep is necessary! ZainyTime comes with individual lessons, lesson overviews, activities, and engaging videos that are ready to use right away. In this program, kids will learn about brain basics, The Boss Bain, mindfulness, Automatic Negative Thoughts, Kindness, and how to supercharge the brain!

Free Trial Available!

Brain Science for Teens & Young Adults

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Before 25) is now available as an online course for individual learning! Designed for high school and college students, this course exists to provide practical, real-world, engaging information about the brain.  Students will learn what to do when their brain might be struggling, how to combat the traumas of daily life, how to fight the Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) that plague us each day, and how to supercharge the brain to allow us to be the best we can be.  

Undergraduate college credit also available for students!

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Before 25) is available for purchase as a paperback book and audiobook.  With a foreward by Daniel Amen, MD and rave reviews from  NYT Bestselling Authors Dr. Oz, Jenny McCarthy, JJ Virgin, Mark Hyman, and Dr. Sears, people all over the world have benefitted from the information presented in this book about the brain, brain struggles, and how to optimize the brain for success.  The book is filled with important information that is presented in an easy-to-understand, applicable, and humorous way that engages the reader while also empowering them to change their brain and change their life for the better.


Making a Good Brain Great: Course (2nd Edition) is a fully comprehensive, no-prep, social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum designed to be used in high school and college settings with students ages 15-25.  This program includes lesson plans, videos, PowerPoints, activities, and quizzes for educators/counselors to use with students in a variety of settings.

This program is research-based, science-based, and brain-based.  In an independent study, MGBG: Course was found to have a statistically significant positive impact on student pro-social behaviors while also decreasing ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug) use.  Designed to be flexible and adaptable to any educational setting.  

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Brain Science for Educators & Counselors

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Brain Changers is a professional development course designed for educators, administrators, coaches, counselors, and anyone who serves children, teenagers, and young adults.  This course is designed to teach participants about how their own brain function impacts those around them, how the brain develops overall, the impact of trauma on the developing brain, resilience as the counter to trauma, specific brain regions and their functions, how to battle Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), and tools/strategies to create a brain-based classroom that can benefit all. 

This course is taught as a self-paced online course or as an in-person training.  Learn more here!

Graduate university credit also available for this course!

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