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Making a Good Brain Great: Course (Teacher Guide)


The revolutionary, science-based, independently researched and tested course that is changing the lives of teenagers and young adults all over the world.


This faciliator guide includes everything you need to teach all 12 lessons of this powerful, applicable, and practical brain science cours.  It includes:


  • A printed, full-color, spiral bound facilitator's guide with all lesson plans, links to health standards, answer keys, quizzes, projects, and much more


  • A USB flashdrive with all 12 videos, quizzes, resources, worksheets, guided notes, and much more


  • One copy of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life  (Before 25)

Revised & Restructured


Utilizing 10 years of research since the first edition, along with Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Before 25), this updated edition of Making a Good Brain Great: Course comes packed with information, resources, activities, and strategies to help teenagers and young adults to learn about the brain and develop strategies to make a difference.

Data-Driven & Supported


After years of research with teachers, parents, and students, Making a Good Brain Great: High School Course 2nd Edition utilizes best-practices and pedagogy designed to engage students and empower them to take control of their learning. A pilot taking place in Fall 2015 is collecting an immense amount of data to gage the program's effectiveness.

Flexible & Adaptable


Making a Good Brain Great: Course 2nd Edition was designed to be even more flexible and adaptable than ever before. There are 12 sessions that include PowerPoint presentations, videos, notes, worksheets, quizzes, labs, activities, projects, information sheets, and much more... all to ensure teachers have all they need to teach effectively.

Scientific, Relevant, & Applicable


This course was created and then updated with one goal in mind... to be the most user friendly, applicable, and relevant course on practical brain science possible, based on the latest in brain science and research.  Teachers and students from all over the world continue to tell us how this course was the most important and memorable courses they have taken.

Introspective & Thought Provoking


When Making a Good Brain Great: Course 2nd Edition is paired up with Change Your Brain, Change Your Life (Before 25), students will exposed to an entire new world of practical and relevant brain science designed to help teenagers and young adults evaluate their actions, interactions, diet, physical activity, thoughts, and outlook for the future.

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